C-ute’s 20th Single “Kono Machi” (Profile Pictures)


The latest profiles for C-ute has been recently released for their 20th single titled “Kono Machi”. Since I’m actually a bit excited for this single I decided to talk a bit about their newest outfits.

The Profile’s


The outfits are quite similar to Moritaka Chisato’s outfit when she sang Kono Machi (here), there are a few differences though. As you can see, their newest outfits for their new single have a red top that is long in the back and has golden stripes with little buttons, with also little puffed up sleeves. Their skirt seems to be a bit high (probably passed their belly buttons), with a plaid design. And they also all have two black bracelets (one on each hand) and bow-like necklaces. C-ute’s outfits are a bit more red than the original but they’re still quite lovely.

I’m really liking Chisato’s, Mai’s, and Saki’s hairstyle’s for this single (I find Maimi’s and Airi’s hairstyles a bit plain). I really like that Chisato got front bangs for this single (or did she get them earlier and I just didn’t notice until now?), Chisato having front bangs makes her look even more cuter than she usually is (I wasn’t really fond of her previous hairstyle). I also really like how Mai’s and Saki’s hair are tied up in some way (Mai having a ponytail in the back and Saki having a little side pony), it makes them stand out a bit more than the rest.

They all look wonderful of course, but I would probably have to say that Saki looks the best in this outfit. She wears the outfit quite perfectly and her hair looks really great. This style looks really great on her and she carries it out quite well. But the rest also do look quite great too.


I’m getting quite excited to see more of this single, such as the MV and the covers. Hopefully they are released soon.
C-ute’s 20th single “Kono Machi” will be released on February 6th.

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