C-ute’s 20th single “Kono Machi” (Radio Rip Preview)


A radio rip preview of C-ute’s 20th single titled “Kono Machi” has recently come out on youtube. C-ute’s new single and first single of 2013 is cover of Moritaka Chisato’s “Kono Machi” (original song here). I just want to say things about this song so far.

Now, when I heard C-ute was doing a cover song originally sung by Moritaka Chisato I was quite curious. I searched up the original song and I’ve come to really love it and I was bit excited and curious to see how C-ute will sing it. When I first heard the song, I imaged that Maimi would sound the best for this song, and I was curious how the other members would sound too. Of course though, I didn’t expect C-ute’s version to be a balled.

To be honest, when I first heard C-ute’s version I was caught quite off-guard by their cover being a balled. I thought it would be the same pace as the original but it wasn’t and at the time I was a bit disappointed, and I didn’t like it. It wasn’t until I heard the radio rip preview when I began to warm up to this single.

Both versions are pretty much the same between each other, the only difference is that live version is live. I think the reason why I didn’t like this single right away was because I became so attached to Moritaka Chisato’s version, I became so accustom to her pace of the song and I didn’t expect it to be a ballad (like C-ute’s cover of the song) then when I heard C-ute’s version I didn’t like it because it wasn’t what I expected (know what I mean?).


But after a few listens and a few days I’m finally beginning to really like C-ute’s cover. Their vocals are really splendid and they sound really wonderful while singing it. I really like how their outfits somewhat match Moritaka Chisato’s outfit when she sang it (like the video linked in the 1st paragraph), I think that’s pretty cool. I also love how Chisato sounds in this song, her voice really suits this ballad version of Kono Machi. Before I thought that Maimi would suit the song perfectly, she sings wonderfully in this song, but I really think Chisato owns this song. Chisato’s voice suits the song really well and I’m really blown away by how wonderfully her voice is in this song (I’m always blown away on how well she sings though).

Truthfully, I’m actually really surprised on how all of the members sound so wonderful in this song (I shouldn’t be surprised though, C-ute has really talented singers), even Saki and Mai sound really great too. I enjoy and like all of their voices in this song. I’m really liking this single so far, and I’m quite curious to see what the MV might look like (and covers too).

C-ute’s version is actually quite interesting. It being a cover really interests me (I got really interested in Cha cha SING when I heard it was a cover), I’m always curious to hear how Hello! Project members would sing a song they don’t originally sing. This song becoming a ballad is also interesting. Since C-ute’s 18th single “Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku” was a ballad and actually did do pretty well in sales (becoming C-ute’s 2nd highest selling single), I’m thinking that Tsunku (or whoever makes decisions in H!P) wants C-ute to try another ballad to see if it would succeed like their previous one. It’s an interesting thought and an interesting song, and I’m really curious to see how this song will do in sales (I do hope it does well though).


C-ute’s cover of “Kono Machi” is released on February 6th.

p.s. I don’t really blog about C-ute’s singles (or even news about C-ute) so I think I might have to celebrate for doing so!


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