Update and more information on giveaway!!


As I mentioned in the middle of December, I will be holding my first giveaway!  There is some information on the side bar of this blog above the poll and under the calendar. With only 27 days left to vote I decided to release more details.

The prizes are of course Morning Musume’s 52nd single “Help me!!” and Mano Erina’s 13th single “NEXT MY SELF” but today I will mention a few things about the prizes.

Since the poll is Tanaka Reina based, the version of “Help me!!” I will be giving away to a lucky fan will be version E.


The tracklist:
1. Help me!!
2. Watashi ni Dekkai Hana (Tanaka Reina, Iikubo Haruna, Ishida Ayumi)
3. Help me!! (instrumental)

The version of Mano Erina‘s final single “NEXT MY SELF” will be the regular version.


The tracklist:
2. Seishun Rainbow
3. NEXT MY SELF (instrumental)


Only ONE of the prizes will be given away to a lucky fan.
If you would like to win any of these prizes, just vote for it in the poll in the sidebar. The one with the most votes will be prize to be given away. Currently Help me!! is winning with 16 votes! If you would like to win NEXT MY SELF, vote for Mano Erina but if you would like to win Help me!!, vote for Tanaka Reina. You can vote as much as you want!

Voting ends on January 31st and the prize will be given away sometime in middle/ late February. Information on how to win the prizes will be released when prizes are shipped.



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