Morning Musume’s 52nd single “Help me!!” (Dance shot)


Late last night the dance shot for Morning Musume’s 52nd single has been uploaded on their official youtube channel.

I think the dance is quite amazing! And the background is super cool, they even have reflections on the bottom too. It’s super awesome and totally amazing!

There’s only one person who sticks out the most and who I can’t keep my eye off and it’s Fukumura Mizuki. She looks absolutely stunning, she totally owns this video and dance. Her dancing skills are completely amazing! She looks and sounds totally great. Of course the other members look and sound great too. Reina, Erina, Ayumi, Masaki and Sakura also looks stunning and they sounded really great too (they’re my favourites in this video after Mizuki). Riho also did a wonderful job while doing the dance (of course she did), and Sayumi looked totally adorable (of course!).

But there’s one thing that kinda bothers me in this video and it’s that Haruna’s hair is too all over the place (its everywhere!), but besides she also did really good and her dancing skills seem quite improved. Kanon’s dancing also seems to be improved. I also find that Haruka doesn’t really pop out in the dance, but I do hope she pops out more in the MV.

It’s quite amazing how in sync the dance is. The girls do the dance perfectly and it seems that there’s no mistakes anywhere (well I haven’t noticed any and I watched this video probably over 10 times already). It seems like a difficult dance and I’m quite impressed on how well they did. This dance is truly amazing and quite impressive.

My most favourite parts of the whole video would be at @3:15 – @3:30. Mizuki is in the center of the dance and she just looks amazing. I’m really loving this song, and the dance is just totally amazing. I can’t wait for the MV and maybe some live performances to come out and my life would be totally complete. I seriously can’t get over the fact of how amazing this dance and song is. It’s a perfect debut single for Sakura and I’m really curious on how this song will do on the charts and in sales. I hope it does really well!

The single’s release date is January 23rd.


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