Morning Musume’s 52nd single – “Help me!!” (Covers)


Recently the covers for Morning Musume’s 52nd single came out and I just want to say a few things about them (quick post!).


From top to bottom:
Regular A, Regular B, Limited A, Limited B, Limited C, Limited D, Limited E, Limited F

I just want to say that I’m quite fond of these covers and I think they’re quite nice. I have no complaints or anything bad to say about these covers at all. I like them all! I think my favourite cover of all for this single would have to be Limited B. The girls look absolutely naturally stunning and beautiful. Actually, in all of the covers the girls look so pretty and beautiful. I have no problems with these covers at all. I think they capture all of the girls beauty and I think they match the songs theme quite well. I like them a lot!

I really can’t wait for the MV to come out, I’m sure it’ll be amazing just like the profiles, preview and covers. It’s release date is January 23rd.



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