Announcements! (New bias’, new posts, and possible giveaway)

Announcement #1
A couple months ago, I jokily published a post saying that my bias in Hello! Project has changed (post is here). But today, I would like to officially announce my new bias’ within Hello! Project (for real this time!).

#1 – Fukumura Mizuki (Morning Musume)


#2 – Tamura Meimi (S/mileage)


#3 – Mano Erina


#4 – Oda Sakura (Morning Musume)



One of the main reasons why I really like these four is because they sing, and they can sing very well. The other Hello! Project can also sing very well too but I much prefer these four voices. These four are also very stunning and beautiful, and they all have very nice and kind personalities. They stand out the most for me and I truly love and enjoy their talents.

Announcement #2 
I’m currently working on a couple posts that talk about my top 25 singles, and my top 20 Hello! Project members of this year. They would probably be done and finished by the end of this month (hopefully), so please look forward to them. I’m probably just rambling about random things to just make a paragraph about the singles or even members but please forward to it.

Announcement #3
Lastly, I would like to announce that I might hold a Hello! Project contest/giveaway sometime early next year. Possibly sometime in late February (the earliest). This contest/giveaway is to celebrate 100,000 views on this blog (almost there by the way, only need under 500 more views). I’m still currently trying to plan it, but I have an idea.

The prize might be either Mano Erina’s “NEXT MY SELF” single or Morning Musume’s “Help me!!” single. I’m not totally sure on which one it may be but I think I might let you (the viewers) pick which one for me to give away.

There is poll on the sidebar of this blog. It asks which member who is graduating soon are you going to miss the most, and you can choose either Mano Erina or Tanaka Reina (or both). I don’t really want to change the poll to “which single do you want to win” or whatever, so I decided that if you want to win “Help me!!” you vote for Tanaka Reina but if you want to win “NEXT MY SELF” you vote for Mano Erina. You can also comment down below with your choice if you want.

I’m not sure of any further movements of this giveaway as of now, but I’ll let you know of any whenever another idea pops up. You have until the end of January to vote for which one you would like to win. More news about this giveaway will be announced when I have received the prize.



3 responses

  1. I can give you a suggestion about your giveaway….
    Is a good site for giveaways. I think you should try it…

    (Reply when you see this, and tell me if you liked the site…)

    • Thank you for the suggestion (*^^*)!
      It is a good site and it is a good idea and planner for a giveaway but I think I’ll just stick with my original idea.

      I don’t really understand how to use Rafflecopter (x_x;). I may get use to it in the future though and I might use some other time when I hold another giveaway but as for now I’ll just use my original idea. Thank you though (*^^*)

      • Thank you! I’m happy that you saw it… It was only an option, nothing serious…

        I don’t want to be ……
        But I’m really curious how this will end. Thank you anyway!

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