[UPDATE] Morning Musume’s 52nd single – “Help me!!” (Profile Pictures and Preview)


It was announced the other day that Morning Musume’s 52nd single will be titled “Help me!!” and will be released on January 23th of next year. This single will also be 11th Generation’s, Oda Sakua, first debut single.

Now, what everybody (and I mean everybody) is thinking, is that how the this title  reminds them of Morning Musume’s previous single titled “Resonant Blue”. In Resonant Blue the members are saying help me, so it’s not rare to see other fans saying that this single reminds them of Resonant Blue (I’m not going to lie, I thought about Resonant Blue too when I heard of this news). Also, I want to say that the rumors I heard about this single are quite true. The only things I heard about this single was the title, it’s release date and I even heard that they’re going to wear leopard print outfits, and they all appeared true.

The Profile’s


I just want to say how amazing these outfits look! I am totally in love with this look! All of the members look absolutely stunning! It’s really difficult for me to pick out which member is wearing this outfit the best, all the outfits match the member’s personality/character really well (especially Haruka). But if I had to choose my favourite style of this outfit wore by the members it would be Mizuki, Erina, Ayumi, Haruka and Sakura. All the members wear this outfit wonderfully and they all look quite stunning but my favourites would be those five I just mentioned.

There’s one thing that I don’t really like about them, and it’s that Riho and Kanon are the only ones without their stomach’s exposed. It’s not a really big thing for Kanon, since she’s always covered up (I don’t see the point in it though, she looks great with her stomach exposed. She has good body too, it’s not that different from the others). But I’m a bit shocked that Riho’s stomach is covered. I thought it would be exposed since she’s on the centers in Morning Musume and is often pushed up front. I don’t really like how only two members have a one-piece outfit while the rest of the members have a two-piece outfit. It’s not really big thing to expand upon or get worked up about but I personally prefer the outfit two-pieced. If some of the other members had a one-piece too, I wouldn’t mind it as much but it’s only two of them with that type of style. It bothers me.

These outfits really stand out. The leopard print with the big puffy pink thing under their skirt will probably get them some attention. The leopard print alone would have gotten them some attention, but the pink thing really reassures them with that attention. It really stands out from the crowd, and it really stands out from the rest of any outfits Morning Musume has worn during previous singles (Pyoko Pyoko Ultra and Wakuteka Take a Chance has nothing on these outfits). But luckily, these outfits stand out in a good way (I find). These outfits are not horrible at all and can be seen as sexy. It will (hopefully) attract the eyes of possible customers, and help get this single selling well.

The Preview

(EDIT: video got taken down, but audio is here)

So far, I am really liking this song. It has an electro beat to it, and it has a very fast pace to it. But I’m a big fan of fast moving songs that have a good beat to it, they are the songs I enjoy the most (the songs you want to get up and dance to), so I’m really loving this song so far.

I’m really glad Sakura got some solo lines because she is a wonderful and terrific singer, it would be a waste to have her not sing a solo line or two. And I must say she’s one of the best singers in Morning Musume, I really enjoyed her voice in this song. I also liked how Mizuki voice sounded (she has a wonderful voice too). Everybody sounded wonderful and really good in this single.

Now, generally I’m a huge Riho fan but her voice didn’t sound that good in this song. Her voice compared to Sakura’s is weak. It was so lovely hearing Sakura hitting all of the right notes in her lines, and then you hear Riho’s voice right after Sakura’s, and her voice wasn’t as wonderful as Sakura’s. I would have just rather Sakura singing Riho’s lines too (that would be even more wonderful). But besides that I have nothing to complain about this single.

I also love the lines sung by Sayumi, Reina, Masaki, Ayumi, Mizuki and Erina. I don’t think I heard much of Haruna, Haruka, or Kanon, but they do have a couple of shared lines (especially Kanon, she has quite a bit of them with Mizuki). As of now though it’s a bit difficult to pick out their voices and actually see whose singing what lines, but hopefully we see everyone singing when the MV comes out (even if it’s a shared line).

I am truly excited about this single and I really can’t wait until it comes out with the covers and MV. So far it looks and sounds good and hope it sells really well. It’s such a catchy song, it’s hard not get it stuck in your head. I’m enjoying this single quite a lot as of now and I hope for the best in sales and promotion. It’s a perfect song to start the new year and a perfect start for our new ace, Oda Sakura.


It’s release date is January 23rd 2013.


One response

  1. I like the outfits as well! I guess I expect the unexpected when it comes to single outfit, so the pink skirts don’t bother me like others.
    You are spot on with Riho … having her lines next to Sakura’s lines points out how much more she needs to develop to become a great singer. At this point, I’m wondering if becoming a great singer is one of Riho’s goals.

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