Mano Erina’s final single “NEXT MY SELF” (MV)

The MV for Mano Erina’s final single within Hello! Project was just released only two days and I just want to say a few words about it.

The music video itself is done really well and it doesn’t look like the usually Hello! Project MV’s. It’s filmed outdoors and it has people actually interacting with the idol. It has very different looking background dancers (mothers, school girls, business people, construction workers, and other random people) and it also has quite a lot of Mano Erina’s fans wearing her t-shirts. It’s such a happy and emotional video. Mano Erina looks so happy and cheerful (as usual) and to be honest this is the first Hello! Project MV that have made me cry.

It wasn’t until the very end of the video when I cried. Realizing that this is Mano Erina’s LAST single before she graduates in February got me to tear up. I love Erina dearly and to see her go is too much for me. She played a very important part in Hello! Project with being the only soloist for a couple of years. At first I wasn’t a big fan of her but through out the years I warmed up to her and since 2011 I’ve been just loving each single she put out. I really do hate the thought of her graduating but it is her choice and I’ll respect it and support her until the very end!

Also, do you notice how absolutely beautiful and stunning she looked? I did! She looked so beautiful in all of her scenes and she looked so happy. It’s her last MV as a member of Hello! Project but yet she has a huge smile of her face. She’s a very strong girl to be always smiling no matter what. I’m going to miss this smile so much! I’m going to miss Erina so much! I’m not ready for this nor am I ready for February to come!

The release date for her final single is December 12th. Please help and support this graduation single by purchasing a few copies if possible. Let’s send Mano Erina off with a smile since she’s always smiling for us.


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  1. I agree with you on Mano Erina. She has always been so gorgeous and an absolute trooper for sticking it solo. I don’t think she gets enough credit for her vocal work. Certainly she wasn’t on the level as the elite H!P singers, but she held her own quite nicely. My favorite of her songs will probably be “My Days for You” , although this new song is quickly going up the charts for me!

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