S/mileage’s 12th single “Samui ne” (MV)

S/mileage’s MV for their 12th single “Samui ne” has recently come out and I just want to say a few things about it.

I think the MV is very well made! There is no dance shot, but the shots that are in the MV are quite lovely. The girls are also very beautiful in this music video, they all look absolutely stunning. Not only do they look so beautiful and pretty but they also sound really amazing. Their vocals are just so wonderful in this single.

Ballad’s are not usually S/mileage’s thing but I’m really glad they change up their styles of songs. A ballad is what S/mileage really needs right now, and I think a ballad is more of a perfect genre for S/mileage. A typical j-pop sounding song that S/mileage gets usually makes the girls sound really high-pitched and it doesn’t sound like their natural voices but a ballad has the girls sounding absolutely wonderful. I much prefer a ballad from S/mileage and this single is one of my favorites because the girls sound so natural and not so high pitched.

As I was saying before that girls look totally beautiful and stunning, but the one who really caught my eye with her beauty was Kana. She looks so beautiful, actually all of the girls look really beautiful but Kana is just breath taking in this video.

The necklace scenes were also really beautiful and I think those scenes are quite meaningful. The necklace is something for them to hold onto, like a memory or a feeling. In the song lyrics the girl knows that the boy doesn’t seem to be interested in the girl as he was before. The girl is aware of this but she doesn’t want the boy to leave her because she still likes him, she clings on to the necklace because she still clings to those special feelings and memories she has for the boy.

I also really love how Kanon sounds in this song, especially at 3:46. Reality I’m a not a huge fan of Kanon but she does really great in this single, her voice is just really good for once (usually I’m turned off by how high-pitched she usually sings in songs).

The bright and colourful outfits are actually not that bad and I think they’re cute. I guess the outfits are a bit strange for the single (the single being called “It’s cold out, isn’t it” and they’re wearing short skirts with their belly’s showing) but I think that the outfits are quite eye catching, like they catch your attention. Which is a good thing I suppose because ballad’s are usually ignore unless it’s a really good one by a big name. This outfits help catch the attention of people who may purchase the single and help with the sales.

I’m really interested how this single will do on sales and the charts. It’s a really good song if I do say so myself. It has good video, they sound and look amazing, the covers are really beautiful and cute, and the outfits are not that bad.

The release date for this single is November 28th. Hopefully many people can purchase their copy to help and support S/mileage’s sales towards the Oricon charts.



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