Peaberry’s 1st single “Cabbage Hakusho” (MV)

Peaberry’s MV for their first single “Cabbage Hakusho” has just recently come out and I just want to a couple things about it.

Firstly, I just want to point out that Ayaka sounds absolutely lovely. She doesn’t sound like the usual high-pitch S/mileage Ayaka, she sounds like ballad Peaberry Ayaka. Either Ayaka I like them both, it’s just that it’s quite a change. S/mileage doesn’t usually do ballads so it’s a really nice change and I really love her voice in this. Her voice in this really made me love this single, it’s really the best thing about this single.

Secondly, I think Riho does a good job too. She does sound good, but not really as good as Ayaka. I much prefer Ayaka’s voice in this single rather than Riho’s, but Riho does look completely adorable.

Thirdly, I really like the very green scenes! It’s quite different and good change from the usual in-studio MV’s Hello! Project usually comes up with. It shows the beauty of nature which Satoyama is trying to show, which they do a very good job with! I really adore it!

Hopefully people get to buy their copy~!



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