Hello Project: Satoyama Units

Just recently 2 new units from the Hello! Satoyama movement has been announced. It is already known that Peaberry and DIY were already created and performed their songs at this years Hello! Project summer concert, but it was unknown that they would actually make singles of those songs and release them. Just recently two new units have be announced called Harvest and GREEN FIELDS. It was also announced that they would sell their songs as singles in November. There will be 4 editions for this single (Peaberry/Harvest, Harvest/Peaberry, DIY/GREEN FIELDS, GREEN FIELDS/DIY). It’s something new and something to look forward towards. And I really want to express my thoughts about them!


Members: Wada Ayaka (S/mileage) & Sayashi Riho (Morning Musume)

Thoughts: I really love this unit, it has my most favourite Hello! Project members in it! I really love and adore Ayaka and Riho! Even though my top favourite members are in it, it’s kinda boring. Ayaka and Riho both have nice characters but their characters are on the shy side. Also, since their single is more of a ballad, it’s boring. I really love the members and their song is really cute and catchy but I find this unit isn’t as exciting as the other units.


Members: Yajima Maimi (C-ute), Tokunaga Chinami (Berryz Koubou), Natsuyaki Miyabi (Berryz Koubou), Nakajima Saki (C-ute), & Iikubo Haruna (Morning Musume)

Thoughts: This unit is a bit Miyabi centered, but I actually really love when Miyabi is the center of singles. Miyabi has such a strong idol personality, she can sing, dance, and entertain quite well. The other members of this unit also have strong characters and years of experience (not really for Haruna though).  Their single is extremely catchy and enjoyable! I’m quite excited for this unit.


Members: Ikuta Erina (Morning Musume), Ishida Ayumi (Morning Musume), Sato Masaki (Morning Musume), & Takeuchi Akari (S/mileage)

Thoughts: I’m quite curious about this unit and their single. I don’t know anything about this group besides their name and their members, but I hope they sound really well. I’m glad that Erina gets to be in a unit, since she’s kinda in the back in Morning Musume so I’m glad she has another chance to shine and show off her skills. I’m really curious about this unit.


Members: Shimizu Saki (Berryz Koubou), Mitsui Aika & Miyazaki Yuka

Thoughts: Saki and Aika? Ah, well that’s interesting, an odd combination. I wonder if their voices blend well together. Miyazaki Yuka..?WHERE DID SHE COME FROM!?”  

I’m confused about this group. Where did Yuka come from? She auditioned for S/mileage over an year ago. She didn’t win and she’s not an official member of Hello! Project, she’s not even a Hello! Pro Kenshuusei. She won an audition for UFP, but that’s UFP not Hello! Project. Sure, UFP does have some artists appearing as guests in Hello! Project concerts, but that’s just old graduated eggs. I haven’t heard anything about Yuka until now and I’m highly confused and caught off guard with her sudden appearance in H!P.

I’m seriously curious about this unit, I wonder who will lead in the single. Since Saki isn’t really the lead in Berryz Koubou and Aika was never lead in Morning Musume, I’m extremely curious about how they would sound. I’m also really curious and confused about Yuka. But despite that I’m hoping Yuka does a good job and I hope that maybe she becomes an official member of Hello! Project (?).


I’m really excited for these units, I really can’t wait for the covers and pvs! I’m really loving this Satoyama unit movement. I hope they do really well and I’ll do my best to try and support these units by buying their singles later on in the future!

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  1. I’d like to see Yuka become a member of H!P somehow. Her just being a random crossover would really bug me. I almost hope sometime in 2013 a brand new group is announced and she’s part of it, maybe with a few Kenshuusei.

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