Morning Musume’s 51st Single “Wakuteka Take a Chance” (Profile Pictures).

Recently the profile pictures and covers for Morning Musume’s 51st single, titled “Wakuteka Take a Chance”, has come out. And today, I would like to take the time and talk about this single so far. Now, this single is a bit interesting as of right now. It’s so interesting that it’s hard to not to talk about it.

The Profile’s 

Sayumi’s outfit is actually not that bad, she looks really cute. I think it would have been nicer and cuter if her hair was down or even in one ponytail instead of two ponytails, but besides that Sayu still looks adorable.

Reina’s outfit is a bit odd but it’s kinda like the style she wears when she’s on variety shows on tv. With her shoulders exposed, the cat ears, and the puffy skirt. It’s cute I guess, it just looks like one of her yankii looks. The only thing I don’t like about this outfit, is the random pocket and v-shape on her torso.

Mizuki looks absolutely stunning in this outfit! It’s just perfect! There’s no random pockets or random stripes anywhere. Her hair stlye is just perfect and her new hair colour looks so gorgeous! Mizuki just looks absolutely perfect in this outfit! I have no complaints what so ever on this one!

Erina is pretty much the only one without a black skirt. I think her outfit would have looked better if she did have a black skirt, because it’s a bit difficult to describe her look. Even her hair is difficult to describe.. I don’t even know what to say about Ikuta’s look for this single.

I really like Riho’s look! She looks really pretty and her outfit is cute. The pockets aren’t that bad, it still looks nice. Riho just looks really gorgeous in this outfit.

Kanon’s outfit kinda looks like a 50’s or 60’s waitress or something like that. I personally think it’s a bit too much. I would have loved to see Zukki in an outfit like Sayumi’s or Mizuki’s. The outfits they give Zukki don’t really compliment her that well. And same with the hair styles they give her. I would absolutely love to see Zukki in an outfit like Sayumi’s with a hair style like Mizuki’s. Hopefully someday, they start giving Zukki good outfits and hair styles.

Haruna’s look for this single is pretty cute. Her outfit is pretty cute and her hair is quite cute too. This style fits her quite well, she looks really good and cute.

I like Ayumi’s look too! There’s no random pockets anywhere, but there is a random collar, but it doesn’t look that bad. Her hair doesn’t look that bad either. I’m not a big of her hair style but it still looks alright.

Masaki’s outfit is quite something. I’m not liking the big, huge headband and I’m not liking the huge random pocket on her chest. I’m just not liking Masaki’s look for this single.

I’m not a big fan of Haruka’s outfit either. I actually don’t know why I don’t like Haruka’s outfit but I just don’t. Also, it’s really unusual to see Haruka wearing pink. I find that it doesn’t really suit her that well.

Overall Opinion 

I think the ones who look the best in these outfits are Sayumi, Mizuki, and Riho. The ones that don’t look too bad, but still are really cute are Haruna and Ayumi. While the ones who I think their outfits are not good at all are Reina, Erina, Kanon, Masaki, and Haruka. I guess it really depends on how you look at the outfits but this is what I think of them. I really can’t wait to see how they make the pv.

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