Top C-ute Members (2012)

I’m not a huge fan of C-ute, but there are a part of Hello! Project so they’re something I got blog about.

1) Yajima Maimi (previously 3rd)

Maimi is like a goddess! She’s absolutely gorgeous and stunning~! Her dancing is quite good, but her singing is bit weak-ish. Like, she’s good at singing it’s just that her voice is a bit bland to me. Like there’s no uniqueness to it, it’s just bland. But besides her voice, I really like Maimi.

2) Nakajima Saki (previously 4th)

Saki is also very gorgeous. Her dancing is really good, she’s one of the best dancers in Hello! Project. Her singing is alright, her voice is a bit high sometimes, but it’s still really good though. She does get picked on by the other C-ute girls a lot though, which is kinda mean! Poor Saki!

3) Suzuki Airi (previously 2nd)

One obvious thing I like about Airi is that she can sing, and she can sing really good! And her dancing is really good! She’s like a perfect idol! She can sing, she can dance, and her personality is one of the best in Hello! Project. She’s a total goof-ball! She’s hilarious! You would think since she’s the center of the group, that she would be stuck up or whatever. But she’s the total opposite from that! She’s a bit slow and absolutely hilarious!

4) Okai Chisato (previously 1st)

Chisato is alright. I have no problems with her. She sing good and she can dance good. Although, her outgoing, wild and competitive personalty is sometimes a bit too much for me. She’s always laughing and being loud.

5) Hagiwara Mai (previously 5th)
Mai is my least favourite C-ute member and probably my least favourite Hello! Project member. She can act very rude sometimes which kinda puts me off and away from her. Her dancing is alright, but I don’t like her singing. Her voice just goes right through me. Don’t get me wrong, despite all that she can still be very cute (at times). She’s 17 years-old, but yet she still acts like a spoiled child. She’s been in Hello! Project for most of life but yet she acts like this! It bothers me.

 C-ute isn’t my most favourite group in Hello! Project. They have good songs and their dances are really run to watch. But sometimes C-ute just bores me. The last time I did a C-ute ranking, it was December 2010 (here).


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