Thoughts about Oda Sakura.

As I told everybody about the winner of Morning Musume’s 11th Generation, I haven’t really expressed my thoughts about Oda Sakura. The announcement was shocking and uncalled for! Like one day the finalists for Morning Musume’s 11th Generation are revealed and the next day the only winner is announced! I’m sure Tsunku has reason for it, and as for everything else. But this was extremely shocking!

I was not expecting there to be only one winner nor did I expect Oda Sakura to win. Now, I have no problems with Sakura but if you were shown a picture with six girls who you don’t what their talents are, you probably end up picking the girl(s) who you think are the cutest right? And that’s what I did, I had no clue what talents the girls had so I just picked who I thought were the cutest. Don’t get me wrong, but Sakura is now more cuter to me with her new haircut.

But if I seen more footage of the girls during their training before the winner was announced, I would have probably end up like Sakura anyway! Her singing is amazing and very well controlled, and her dancing is very well done too! I know you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, but that’s I did in the beginning. I was wrong though, the girls I picked when I seen the picture were the girls who didn’t really impress me during their training, and the girls who I didn’t pick at first were the ones I end up liking the most. Sakura was absolutely flawless during her training, she hit all the notes and danced all the right moves.

I always kinda wanted Sakura in Hello! Project ever since she auditioned for S/mileage’s 2nd Generation. My first thought when I first seen her was that I wanted her in Hello! Project because Hello! Project needed a Sakura (I’m a huge Naruto fan! Anyone who has the same first or last name as anyone in Naruto who auditions for Hello! Project, I totally want them in!). During the S/mileage auditions, I didn’t really see Sakura becoming a sub-member and she didn’t. Later on during the that year though, she became a Kenshuusei. I don’t really pay a lot of attention to the Kenshuusei’s but I’m always glad when new members join, because there’s always chances of them becoming an official idol in Hello! Project. And I seriously love when there’s new members!

At first when I heard the news that Sakura, and just Sakura won the audition. I wasn’t extremely happy nor was I extremely upset. I was just generally confused. I kinda had mixed feelings. For this generation, I was hoping for a couple of girls, maybe two or three. I wanted Morning Musume to be a huge group again, and I wanted a bunch of different personalities and colours. But there was only one winner. It took me by surprise.

I kinda wanted Ayano and someone else to win. It didn’t really matter who, but I just really wanted a two person generation. It could have been Ayano and Sakura or Ayano and Maria, I just kinda wanted Ayano to win. She seemed like should have a very cute and bubbly/baby-like personality, and I kinda wanted that sort of character for Morning Musume, it would have been totally interesting. Unfortunately she did not get into Morning Musume, but if UFA ever has another audition for S/mileage, I totally wish for Ayano to get in. Her character seems to match more with S/mileage than with Morning Musume, so I’m kinda glad she didn’t get in.

But is a one person generation a smart idea right now? Morning Musume is just beginning to sell over 100k again. Is Tsunku hoping that Sakura will be the new Goto Maki and raise Morning Musume’s sales and popularity? Sakura is extremely talented in both singing and dancing, it’s no wonder Tsunku picked her for Morning Musume. She’s really pretty and cute too. But will she be able to help raise Morning Musume’s sales and popularity?

To me, I think she might be able to do it. I have a feeling that she will be very well liked in Morning Musume, I haven’t seen any bad qualities in her for people to begin not to like her in any way. She seems she’ll fit quite nicely in Morning Musume. It’s only been a couple days since it was announced that she will be joining Morning Musume but I’m already liking her. She’s cute, she’s pretty, she sings and dances well,  she’s just really amazingly talented. Now that I’m use to this idea of a one member generation (my first one actually), and it’s more settled in now. I’m quite happy and glad Sakura got into Morning Musume and I’m already a big fan of hers. I can’t to see her perform with Morning Musume during their 52nd single and Hello! Project’s 2013 winter concert.


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