Top Berryz Koubou Members (2012)

The other day I said I wanted to group rankings of Hello! Project before 11th Generation came in place. But since Sakura already joined today, I’ll just continue my plan anyway!

1) Natsuyaki Miyabi (previously 1st)

Almost two years past since I did a Berryz Koubou ranking and I’m surprised Miyabi is still 1st! Miyabi is diva-like! She’s always wearing the latest styles and fashion, and she looks good in anything she wears! She sings well and her dancing is quite good. She’s one of the best idols in Hello! Project.

2) Shimizu Saki (previously 5th)

Captain is such an amazing dancer and rapper, her singing skills are quite good too! Not only that but she’s also really pretty! She’s funny, kind to the other members of Hello! Project, she’s just really nice and adorable! I have nothing bad to say about Captain.

3) Sugaya Risako (previously 2nd)

Risako is an amazing singer! She may seem like a total diva but she’s really down to earth and really nice! Her dancing is alright (dancing isn’t her strong point), she still does a good job with dancing. She’s so cute~!

4) Tokunaga Chinami (previsouly 6th)

Chinami is highly funny and amusing! She says and does a lot of funny things, it’s hard not to love Chinami, she’s just so amusing! Her singing is improving, her dancing is a bit weak but she does do well with her dances.

5) Sudo Maasa (previously 3rd)

I really like Maasa, she has a kind and gentle nature to her. Her deep voice is really lovely and her dancing is really good! Maasa is just really lovely~!

6) Tsugunaga Momoko (previously 4th)

I like Momko, she sings and dances really well. Momoko is cute! The only thing that bugs me is “Momochi” (her alter ego). I’m not a huge fan of Momochi, she acts cute and is a bit annoying and her pigtails are horrible! They ruin what could have been really nice pictures of Momoko! Momoko is cute, Momochi is annoying.

7) Kumai Yurina (previously 7th)

I’m not a huge Yurina fan. I don’t really like her singing voice, it always sounds the same even when she was younger, it hasn’t changed. Besides her voice, I guess she’s pretty cool.

My Berryz Koubou ranking hasn’t really changed during the years, with Miyabi still being first and Yurina still being last. The last time I ranked Berryz Koubou was in late 2010 (here).


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