Berryz Koubou’s 29th Single “cha cha SING” (MV)

The MV that I have been recently waiting for the most finally came out today~! Berryz Koubou’s 29th single “cha cha SING”.

The Scenery

The scenery in this MV is really Thai inspired, and really goes super well with the song! Since this single was an originally an Thai song, Berryz Koubou does amazing job covering it! They did the Thai theme super well, and I’m super impressed! All the scenes in this MV that are done are absolutely beautiful, and stunning!

The Members

Captain is so beautiful in this MV! Her deep voice goes really well for this song! You can totally tell that she’s having blast in this MV because she’s super smiley! Also, you can really tell that she’s really doing her best in the dance, her moves are so clean and sharp! She bits her lip during the dance part @1:27, which is totally epic and hilarious!

Momoko is being her alter ego ‘Momochi’ in this MV. She’s very childish, doing her ‘yurushite nyan’ pose and doing a lot of pinkie points. Some of her lines are completely awesome, but some of her other lines sound really weak and shaky. I don’t really find that she really sticks out in this MV.

Chinami is her usual amusing self in this MV. I find she always does something really amusing then later on she does a cool pose. She also looks really great! She really shows off her nice legs in this MV, and her tan skin really makes her stick out more than the other members. Chinami is really fun to watch in this MV, she does a lot of ‘no effort’ comedy and cuteness.

Maasa looks absolutely beautiful and sounds really good~! She’s a total Japanese beauty! Plump lips, pale skin, and long-straight black hair. She looks totally gorgeous! Not only that, but she’s totally awesome!

This song is really Miyabi centered. She’s the center of the dance, the covers, and she got a lot of lines. But I’m not going to complain because she totally rocks this theme! I love the spotlight for Miyabi! She looks and sounds absolutely stunning!! This song is just so perfect for her! She’s just absolutely stunning in this single! She’s like a Thai princess~!

I’m not the biggest fan of Yurina, but I do think that she did really well too! She looks really great! And I actually like her voice here because it actually sounds really good (compared to Momoko’s shaky voice).

Risako looks really gorgeous too~! Risako is just amazing! She always looks and sounds fabulous in any song, and this one is no exception!

The Dance

I really enjoy watching this dance, I’m really glad that they also did the moves Bird did in his video. I was bit worried on whether or not they were going to do them, but since they’re coping the theme and style of the song, the dance should have been no concern. The dance is really great, it looks really traditional and very Thai.

Overall Opinion

I think this single is absolutely amazing, stunning, and very well made! I already really liked the preview, the covers, and the outfits but MV totally blew me away! It was so impressive! And I’m still highly impressed with it! They’re doing the Thai theme so well, that it’s unbelievable! I think I’m back into my Berryz Koubou phase, it’s about time they had a single as awesome as this! I really love it and I wish I pre-ordered more copies! I only ordered 2.. but I’m pretty sure I’ll order more later on in the week. I really love this single and I really want to support it!

The MV

Favourite Parts

  • The Thai theme to it.
  • The gold shiny letters.
  • Miyabi’s lines.
  • The backgrounds.
  • The dance.
  • Miyabi, Risako, and Chinami being totally awesome and amusing!
  • The members Thai head movements.
  • Maasa’s head movement in between the ‘cha’s’.
  • The group shots.
  • Equal lines (even though it doesn’t bother me, I don’t really care about line distribution because even if I complain, they’re not going do anything about it).
  • When Thai numbers pop up when Momoko counts (really impressive!).

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