Berryz Koubou’s 29th Single “Cha Cha SING” (Profile Pictures, Covers & Preview)

I don’t usual blog about Berryz Koubou but this time I really want to talk about their new single “Cha Cha SING”. Their new single is a cover of  the Thai pop song “Row mah Sing” by the famous Thai pop singer, Bird Thongchai McIntyre (Original song here). When I heard that it’ll be a cover of Thai song, it got me interested, so I listened to the original song for awhile and wondered how Berryz Koubou will do it. How Berryz Koubou will go Thai.

People keep on saying that this single is the new Dschinghis Khan, but I wasn’t in the fandom back in 2008. So this is a whole hew experience for me and … I love it! I really love and enjoy this single! Both, the original song and cover sound really good. Since I really like it so far, I really want to talk about it~

The Profile’s

The outfits are actually kinda look big and puffy. It makes Captain look small (LOL!). Her outfit is big, her crown is big and her hair is big.. it really makes her look so small (LOL!), but I really like how Thai their outfits look, it’s so pretty~!

Momoko looks so pretty too~! But! She’ll look so much prettier if she lost the pigtails. To me, it seems like she’s mocking the singles’s theme by wearing pigtails. She would look so much more prettier and elegant if she lost them for this single, but I guess she didn’t and they’re there. But despite that she looks really nice~!

Chinami looks so nice~! She does really well for this theme~! To be honest though, one time back when I was in grade 9. I had a friend who was from Thailand and she really looked like Chinami back then! So to me, Chinami does really well for a Thai theme since she reminds me of my Thai friend (LOL!).

Maasa looks so gorgeous and elegant! She’s so pretty~! Maasa, Miyabi and Yurina totally rock this Thai theme! They all look so gorgeous! But.. Maasa really looks like she lost some weight.. I have no problems with her gaining or losing weight but I just hope she does the healthy way and doesn’t hurt herself in anyway and I really hope that she wasn’t made to lose weight, like if the management or even society told/made her to lose weight. She does look really nice though~ Ganbare Maasa~!

Miyabi looks so stunning! I really love her hair style~ I’m so glad she got extensions~ Because she looks so nice with them~! I always love her hair at this length, she always looks the best with that style.. but she’s always changes her hair.. *sign*. I really think she looks the best out of all the girls for this single. Miyabi looks good and pretty in anything she wears and in this, she looks absolutely stunning!

I’m not usually a huge fan of Yurina, but she looks really good too~! She’s so tall and thin that this outfit doesn’t look big on her at all (like Captains). She looks really good~!

Risako… I don’t really know what to say about Risako.. (LOL!). Her hair… she looks.. different. Different but really nice too~! The red and gold colours really good on her~! She reminds me of a sea monkey… A cute/cartoon sea monkey though! (LOL!). She looks cute and adorable~!



(Limited A)

(Limited B)

(Limited C)

The covers look so pretty, elegant and very Thai-ish~! They’re doing a wonderful job with this theme so far~! Most of the covers seem like the red members (Risako, Miyabi, and Momoko) in the front and the blue members (Saki, Yurina, Chinami, and Maasa) in the back. (Saki looks so tiny~). I really like the limited covers, the regular cover is pretty cool too, but it just seems plain compared to the limited covers.


It sounds very much like the original song but in Berryz Koubou’s version, unlike the original song, the intro is quicker and Berryz Koubou starts to sing “Cha cha cha cha cha” before the original artist does. It does really sound like the original song and they do a wonderful job covering it. I even hear some Chinami, Saki and Maasa lines. Maasa sounds really nice in this single, actually all of them sound really good in this single, it really complements their vocals. I really enjoy it so far~!

Other thoughts

  • I really can’t wait to see if Berryz Koubou actually does the dance Bird did in his video. Bird didn’t really dance much in his video but I say the main point of this song is the little dance for “Cha Cha Cha Cha Cha”. I really want to see if Berryz Koubou would do it too.
  • I really wonder how the mv would be like. I’m quite excited for it~! I hope they do a wonderful job, like how they’re doing so far with the outfits and covers.


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