S/mileage’s – “Kiiroi Jitensha to Sandwich” (Radio Rip)

The preview for S/mileage’s 11th single “Kiiroi Jintensha to Sandwich” came out a couple days ago, and I forgot to blog about it.. opps (lol).

It’s a really cute song and I think I heard some Rina/Kana lines (yay~! finally!). So far I really like this single, I didn’t really get to listen to it until today so I’m a bit behind (lol). There’s really not much to say about this single besides that it’s cute and catchy. I’m really looking forward for when the new profile pictures, covers and pv comes out. Hopefully this single will come out soon, It hasn’t been stated when it would come. So everyone please wait awhile! (lol).


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