Morning Musume’s New Style? (LQ & HQ Preview)

An LQ preview of one their new double A  single “One Two Three” was released today.

My first thoughts about this single is that I really love the outfits, they all look so stunning, especially Haruna. Also, I’m really loving the preview even though it’s LQ, it’s still really amazing. To me, it sounds more like a k-pop/vocaloid than a Hello! Project single (lol). Since it’s LQ, I can’t really tell whose singing besides Reina and Sayumi (lol). But, I still really like it, it’s really amazing and different from the usual Hello! Project singles.

I’m really glad this came out today, I was becoming a bit bored with Hello! Project.. I get a bit bored if no releases or previews or any really good news comes out (lol).

So anyway, please enjoy the LQ preview and these pictures I got (from Sayunii) (click to enlarge)

EDIT: Here’s the song live:

It sounds really great live. The dance.. I like it but.. I find it’s all off the place, it’s really cool though~ .. This single is already pretty awesome and the previews only came out today.. I’m really look forward towards seeing the profile pictures, covers and pv. I hope they’re just as awesome as the single.

Please try and support Morning Musume’s 50th Single “One Two Three / The Matenrou Show”, it will be released on July 4th.


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