Morning Musume 11th Generation Auditions!?

Morning Musume 11th Generation ~Suppin Utahime~ Auditions
It has been announced that Morning Musume will have auditions for their 11th Generation! 

An offical site has been opened for everyone to submit their applications until June 25th. Girls aged 10 – 17 can apply. Tsunku-san also left  a message for eveyone concerning about the announcement and auditions on the website.

This is so awesome! I’m actually really pumped about this decision! I was a bit surprised when I heard about this but I was really happy about it too. Lately, I’ve been feeling like Hello! Project is decreasing in members and that any audition for any group would be completely awesome! So, I’m really happy about it.

It is a bit too soon though, the 10th Generation only joined in September.. but then again, if you really look at it. 10th Generation joined Morning Musume nine months after 9th Generation. So, is it really too soon? Probably not. (lol)

I really wonder how much girls will join. Does Tsunku-san even know how many girls are gonna join? (lol).. He probably has an idea how much girls will join. But I guess it really does depend on what girls make it to the finals. I’m really hoping that least 2 to 4 members join Morning Musume.

It seems like many people online are hoping that Miyamoto Karin or Cuca joins Morning Musume, but I’m not really hoping for them. I want to see completely new people or some Hello Pro Kenshuusei’s in the new generation!

There’s a couple of people I would love to see in this generation for Morning Musume.

1. Tanaka Fuuka (13?)

She was a finalist for the 10th Generation but didn’t make it. I really liked her in the auditions and was little sad she didn’t make it, even though I completely adore the current 10th Gen~ (lol).. I really hope she tries again~

2. Yamaga Kanae (17)

She’s a current Kenshuusei. She audition for S/mileage’s 2nd Generation and didn’t make it, I really liked her in the S/mileage audition and I hope she tries out for this audition.

3. Tanabe Nanami (12)

She’s a current Kenshuusei. She’s absolutely adorable and it would be totally awesome if she made into Morning Musume.

4. Otsuka Aina (14)

She audition Morning Musume’s 9th Generation and S/mileage’s 2nd Generation but didn’t make it in either. She’s a current Kenshuusei and I would really love it if she made it into Morning Musume’s 11th Generation.

5. Yoshihashi Kurumi (12)

I don’t really know much about Kurumi, only that she’s Kenshuusei. But I would really like to see her in Morning Musume. She looks like she has a lot to give, a lot potential.

I love to see if any of those five get into Morning Musume. But whoever does join Morning Musume, I’ll be happy with because I’ll probably ending loving anyone who gets in anyway.


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