Niigaki Risa’s & Mitsui Aika’s Graduation.

Since the two are going to graduate in less than 8 hours, I just want to write about how I feel about this graduation. This week was already been a hard week for me and this graduation doesn’t really help. (lol) ..

Anyway.. These two have probably been my favorite member at least once in my Wota lifetime. (since it’s always changing). They’re both really amazing idols. They can sing, dance and entertain and I’m really gonna miss them.. Even though Aika will still be in Hello! Project and we’ll still see her around… It’s still sad to see someone graduate from Morning Musume, and she didn’t really have a chance to shine.. but maybe.. when she recovers more, she’ll become a soloist or have her own group and not waste her talent… but as for Risa she graduates from both, Morning Musume and Hello! Project.

Aika was always the member I had a hate/love relationship with. It’s not that I hated her, I never did but sometimes she would just annoy me and I don’t know why. Maybe it was her voice or the way she acted but she always managed to annoy me. But even though she may have annoyed me in the past, I always thought she was super pretty (she still is!) and when I would see her back in action from her foot injury, I would be so relived. Even though her foot gave her such pain she still managed to have a huge smile on face and give it her all, even though she couldn’t perform as much as she wanted to. She’s such a good senpai to kouhai’s, she may have been a bit strict but she was just trying to watch out for them.

I really respect Aika, and she doesn’t deserve the hate she gets! Sure, I may have not really liked her at times and thought she was a bit annoying but I would never, NEVER! say I hated her. She’s a great idol, who is actually underrated! In her time in Morning Musume she really didn’t get to shine like the other members did, sometimes it seemed like she was just there.. She was not really the lead in any singles, she may have had some lines here and there but never like Ai or Reina or even Sayumi! I really hope when Aika recovers that she has her chance to shine as a soloist or in her own group in Hello! Project.
Good luck on your recovery Aika!

As for Risa, she was one of the members I kinda liked from the beginning of my Wota life. Her voice really wowed me! I thought she was really amazing and talented and she became on of my favorites really quickly. The thing that’s really the best Risa did was her reactions! They were so cute and just made you laugh. Her and Kamei Eri really had the best relationship, they were just so funny~!

I really like Risa. She became a really good leader for the Kyuukies and Juukies, she was the mother hen of all of them. Even when Ai was leader, Risa was the one who kept everyone in line. Risa’s leadership is a bit short lived compared to Ai’s but if you really think about it.. Risa was in Morning Musume for over 10 years and she’s becoming a bit too old for Morning Musume. She really loves Morning Musume and always did and if she wants to graduate, then let her graduate .. She did a wonderful job in Morning Musume and was one of the best leaders. If she wants to do plays and other shows then let her. 10 years is long enough in Morning Musume, she’s the one who broke the record for being the member who served the most in Morning Musume.
Thank you Risa and Good luck in your future plays and shows!

They were both really important pieces for this Morning Musume puzzle. Aika’s membership was a bit short lived and Risa’s leadership was a bit short lived too. But I’m really grateful for having them in Morning Musume, they were both beautiful idols who really gave it their all in everything they did. I really hope they do well in their future and I really wish them luck.

Thank you Mitsui Aika and Niigaki Risa!

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