Mitsui Aika is to Graduate from Morning Musume.

She announced the other day that she will graduate from Morning Musume on May 18th, alongside with Niigaki Risa. Aika will still continue as a Hello! Project member. She’s graduating from Morning Musume to continue her rest for her ankle.
Here statement was this:

Thank you for always supporting me.
It’s sudden, but now, I, Mitsui Aika, will be graduating from Morning Musume.

Last May, I felt some discomfort in my foot and was diagnosed with an “abnormality of the bone,” and I’ve tried many different medical treatments for it ever since then. In the middle of this, I also suspended my activity in Morning Musume completely and rested. Because of that, I’ve been able to participate as a member of Morning Musume to the extent of my capabilities, and I’ve felt blessed and fulfilled to do this work. During that time, when I went to my usual doctor on April 23rd for my follow-up diagnosis, I was given te happy news that I’d “recovered to the point of being almost unable to see any abnormalities in the bone” and that I’d have no problems in my everyday life. But, I also got the diagnosis, “I won’t deny the possibility of your injury returning if you go back to your activity as it was before [intense motions and related issues].”

I always thought that I could return to my activities in Morning Musume 100% once I’d eventually recovered, but when I was told that my injury had a chance of reoccurring, I was very troubled. After talking it over with my mother and looking towards the life I have ahead of me, deciding to put my own health first, and furthermore, thinking that it’d be impossible for me to go on causing any more worry or trouble to all of our fans, staff, and the other members, it’s a half-willed decision in some places, but I wished to graduate from Morning Musume as soon as possible.

Tsunku-san and everyone from the office was understanding, too, and after discussing the timing of my graduation with them, they decided, “Because it’s also a matter of your health, we should do it as soon as possible,” and it was settled that I would graduate on the last performance of Morning Musume’s spring concert tour at Nippon Budokan on May 18th. It’s really abrupt, and I’m very sorry to all of my fans and the other members, but I think you’ll understand.

I feel very disappointed that I couldn’t show the fans my dance performances in full, but I’ll be giving it my all in our performances until our final Budokan live on May 18th, so until the tour final, please give me all of your support!

I’m discussing what kind of work I can do in Hello! Project with Tsunku-san and the staff, so I’m hoping to decide on something!

I really don’t want to see her gone from Morning Musume even though she’ll still in Hello! Project.. but still.. To be honest, this is the first graduation that I actually feel really angry about. I don’t want her to go! .. Aika, I really like Aika.. She’s never really in my top ten but she’s always 11 or 12! I don’t want her to go! I understand that she’s still around in Hello! Project, she’s not completely gone, but still!.. I don’t know how to explain any more, I have many mixed feelings about this. I thought if I slept it off maybe the feelings will go somewhat anyway. But they didn’t! .. and I don’t want her to go!

EDIT: But I will suck it up and continue to support her and her future plans! Good Luck Aika~!


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