New Mission!

I kinda got myself in a new life goal! I have many life goals as of now but I decided that I want this one to be one of my new ones of 2012. So, what’s my new mission?

To collect all S/mileage singles! Every copy too~! .. Actually, it’s pretty much to collect every single Wada Ayaka was ever in.. (lol) .. so that includes S/mileage singles, Shugo Chara Egg singles, Lilpri singles, etc.

I kinda already mentioned this mission in my about page, but I decided I should do a mini post about it~

So far I have collected 18 singles (17 S/mileage & 1 Mobekimasu)
I have 44 left to collect!
Here’s what I have left to get: Current Checklist

I don’t know how long this would take me, or how much money it would cost me but I really don’t mind~ .. I really love S/mileage (and Wada Ayaka) and this, to me, would show how much I really adore them~

Wish me luck~ ♡

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