S/mileage’s 10th Single – “Dot Bikini” (MV)

It has finally come out with a MV! And it’s absolutely awesome! It is by far the best H!P Summer song and best MV of all time!

The MV set is a little beach house, which is totally cute with lots of beach props~. S/mileage does really wonderful job with this set, they made everything so fun and cute ~!

This MV is really Ayaka centered .. but I totally don’t mind! (^.^)/ .. Ayaka is my number #1 idol and I’m really glad she’s pretty much the center of the MV.. She’s so cute in this MV~! She’s always so smiley and hyper, it’s so cute~! *sign* .. I love Dawa~!

Kanon is really cute in this MV (everyone is..) Her voice really suits this single and it made me love her once again~! ..

There really isn’t much of Kana in this MV. Her and Rina didn’t get any solo lines in this single.. but besides that, In the scenes Kana is in, she’s really cute (and thin!) .. and there is even a gorilla in this MV too~! (^.^)

Takeuchi Akari.. She’s a charmer eh? .. She was absolutely amazing in this MV! I really adored her in this MV, she’s very charming.. (LOL!) ..

Rina is really cute too~ As I said, She and Kana didn’t get any solo lines but! Rina did get featured way more than Kana in this MV.. I’m kinda glad one of them got more scenes in a MV, but wouldn’t be nice if they both got featured? (aha..)

Meimi was her hyper self in MV as usual, which is really cute~ .. Even though she’s one of the centers for this single.. Meimi didn’t really stand out to me in the MV like the rest of them did, but .. she still did a good job too~

I absolutely love this single~! Everything is just perfect about this single~! Everyone looks so cute and stunning~! The MV is really the best H!P MV I even seen~! The song is really cute and catchy~!  It’s so perfect for Summer, I really love it~! .. Hopefully I get to order it~! ♡

Anyway, please enjoy the MV:

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