S/mileage’s 10th Single – “Dot Bikini” (Profile Pictures & Covers)

So lately, the profile pictures and covers for S/mileage’s 10th single “Dot Bikini” came out and  they DO wear Bikinis! .. Here’s the profile Pictures~

Wada Ayaka

Dawa is so cute! I just love her poses~! I really like the kinda Bikini they’re wearing and plus their heels.. It’s so cute.. I love it ~

Fukuda Kanon

Kanyon looks absolutely adorable~ .. I’m not a huge fan of Kanon but she looks so cute and I just love her look for this single ~

Nakanashi Kana

Kanana‘s poses are so simple but so cute~ .. I kinda wish she changed her hair style but she still looks so cute~ She’s so thin (*0*)/

Takeuchi Akari

Akari looks so pretty and cute ~! Her full body shot is absolutely adorable ~ .. but isn’t really odd to see our little tomboy in a bikini? .. (Ahaha)

Katsuta Rina

Rina looks so pretty~ I really love the flower in her hair~ So simple but so stunning~ .. (*0*)/

Tamura Meimi

Meimi‘s poses are quite.. odd but so playful.. She looks so cute~

Here’s the covers: (Click to enlarge)

(regular, limited A, limited B, limited C, limited D)

The covers are very cute and colourful.. a bit random, maybe..but I really like them too ~

Overall opinion:

I am absolutely in love with this single so far! I love the radio rip, the outfits and the covers~! .. All I have to see is the MV and that would be it (^.^)/ .. I hope it has a really summer-y theme to match the covers and outfits~ .. I CAN NOT WAIT UNTIL THIS SINGLE! I LOVE IT~! .. I hope I get to purchase this single during it’s first week~! I’m really not sure, but I really hope I do! If I don’t I would probably buy it later in life.. Since it’s one of my goals to have all S/mileage songs.. (lol)


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