S/mileage’s 10th Single “Dot Bikini” (Radio Rip)

The radio rip for S/mileage’s 10th Single “Dot Bikini” came out today, and I would like to discuss it so far. Even though there is more than a month (and 12 days) until this single actually comes out, but I want to talk about my first impression of this single..

Now, I really love S/mileage and I was kinda worried about what this single will sound like since its’ titled “Dot Bikini”. I didn’t know what to expect. But I really like this single so far. It’s a very summer-y song and some people are saying that sounds like samba song.. I wouldn’t call this single a samba song (or a sound alike). But it does have a very summer-y theme to it and I really like that it’s a bit different compared to the other S/mileage singles.

The only thing that kinda bothers me about this single is the lack of Rina and Kana. I don’t think I’ve heard them in this Radio Rip, maybe they did sing and I didn’t hear them well enough. But either way, S/mileage always lacks Rina and Kana lines .. Ahaha~ .. It’s the usual Ayaka, Kanon, Akari and Meimi, the members who get the most lines.. But I really don’t mind, this single sounds really great. It would have been nice if Rina and Kana got to sing too but I can’t complain. I really like this single so far~

I really can’t wait to see the outfits and pv~ I’ve been excited for this single since it’s been announced.. Ahaha~
So please forward to this single too~
Here’s the Radio Rip ~

My favourite line is Meimi’s line @3:33 .. (^o^)/

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