Day 01

The Challenge has now began! Bring it! LOL. Anyway, The first one is:

Day 01. Favorite Group.

I actually have 2 favorite groups. I can’t pick one over the other because I love them both a lot. Ahaha, My favorite Groups are Morning Musume & S/mileage.

Morning Musume

I’ve really liked Morning Musume ever since I began to like Hello Project. Even though it was the second group I liked, but Morning Musume always feels like it was my first favorite group. Ever since I seen the PV for Nanchatte Renai, I fell in love with Morning Musume. That was back in 2009. Morning Musume has never disappointed me with their Singles or anything else. I also love the concept of Generations & Graduations. It’s a bit sad when a member graduates but new members kinda replace them. But the new members have their own personality & appearance.


I always loved S/mileage, Ever since I heard their first indie single, Which was also in 2009. I love the other indie singles & I really loved their debut singles. But, I wondered why I loved S/mileage as much as I do. Then, when the 2nd Generation was announced, it came to me. Their concept is a bit similar to Morning Musume. And in which made me love S/mileage even more. Aha..


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