Morning Musume’s 10th Generation Finalists.

The 10 Finalists are

1. Kudou Haruka
Age 11 from Saitama
(Hello Pro Egg for 1 and 1/2 years)

2. Iikubo Haruna
Age 16 from Tokyo
(Oldest finalist)

3. Tashima Meru
Age 11 from Fukuoka
(Is the leader of the student council at school)

4. Miyagi Ayumi
Age 11 from Osaka
(6 years of dance experience)

5. Miwa Satsuki
Age 12 from Osaka
(Tried out for the 9th gen but failed)

6. Ishida Ayumi
Age 14 from Miyagi
(Her performance skills are high quality)

7. Tanaka Fuuka
Age 12 from Miyagi
(Wants to become a multi-talent like Yaguchi Mari in the future)

8. Satou Misaki
Age 12 from Hokkaido
(Her mom is a huge Morning Musume fan)

9. Oogaki Hinako
Age 13 from Osaka
(Would call herself a Hello! Project otaku)

10. Murakami Sara
Age 13 from Miyagi
(No experience with singing or dancing, but has confidence in her sense of rythm, as she practices drums and wadaiko)

All the girls are pretty talented & I like them all.
There’s 3 of them that I really like & hope that they get in.
They are: Kudou Haruka, Ishida Ayumi & Murakami Sara.
I think those three have a really good chance at getting in Morning Musume, Since they’re really good singers, and are very pretty.
But if they don’t get in, I would okay with it,
Right now, It’s anybody’s game, Any one of them can get in. So I’m very excited to see the results.

The results would be announced on September 29th, a day before Ai’s graduation.

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