eh? Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai is Amazing?

It took me over a year, but i finally realized that Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai is the best Morning Musume singled ever xD

The Dresses are amazing

Even though they’re a bit odd, but I love them <3, & They look absolutely Stunning when i first saw this pv, (which was Feb 2010) I thought they all look so pretty & stunning

The Covers are absolutely amazing

So elegant & charming, They’re amazing, The Orange one is a bit plan but It’s really amazing too ❤

The PV & Vocals is Amazing

Sure, Reina & Ai sing most of it, but It’s really amazing and I really love Sayu’s “ah” part, i find it cute, her only solo part in the song, xD, at least she gets to sing something, ahahaha ❤

The Dance is Amazing

Even though I have no idea what they do when it’s Risa part at 1:54, It’s still an amazing dance ❤

The B-side is Amazing

Everyone gets at least one line in this song, and it sounds so emotional, & I love it , but I don’t really like Junjun’s part.. Her voice, … I don’t know how to explain it but It sounds kinda weak in this song, but overall it’s an amazing B-side ❤

The Making of is Amazing

They were recording it on Kame’s Birthday in 2010 ❤ and they even sang her “Happy Birthday” and I love Ai’s random “I’m Fine, Thank you, and you?” Her English is so adorable & Sayu and Risa was SUUUUPPER adorable, I forgot how much i loved Gaki until i seen this making of xD She’s so Adorable <3<3<3

Overall it’s an AMAZING Single~~~!

And I want this single so bad, So hopefully my Mama buys me it sometime this month and then my life would be complete <3<3<3


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