Fankora~! 2010 Concert Review (part 1)

Hello!Project’s 2010 Summer concert, which i could not wait to see, since Eri, Junjun and Linlin’s graduation announcement 😦 .. but anyway,, imma gonna review it >:D ..

Gaki-san & Ai-chan are just so cute, being the oldest ,, i guess this goes by generation?        yeah,,  cause right after them is 6th Gen, then 8th Gen, then Berryz, C-ute, Mano and S/mileage. Which is really cute, and when i first saw this concert i almost cried :’D,, because this song was made when Berryz& C-ute were just tiny children and now look at them, beautiful young woman 🙂 anyway..

Their costumes? dresses? outfits? piece’s of plastic? are pretty ridiculous,,,

i mean, S/mileage looks like bumble bees, but they’re cute bumble bees, … but still… who makes these odd outfits,, but this is just the beginning of ridiculous costumes, -___-”

.. there’s something different about Miyabi…

she has no extensions :D, finally! i thought those extensions were just horrible 😐 .. she looked old in them, … her hair grew more :), but i like it when it was short,, last year… -_-” .. oh well,,  🙂

i thought this part looks cute,, its like they’re saying “Please look how cute we are, While we change backstage :D” ..

Yossie? Yossie!? YOSSIE!!!!!!

Yoshizawa Hitomi is MCing this concert with Makoto ,,, 😀 .. awesome… ^3^

.. It’s cute how the VTR, has the members in little hunny combs while playing their songs in a cute little tune, 🙂

S/mileagbees, belong in the hunny combs, ^u^

now, the sad part of this concert,, odd enough i didn’t cry at this part, ;P … i cried when i first heard, but that was long ago, a month ago? i don’t know, but right now, i’m happy they’re leaving :D,,, because Morning Musume is Changing , It didn’t change in 2 years then Koha left, and no 9 Gen D: .. but now they’re leaving 9th Gen is coming 😀 , haray for change :D! … even tho, im gonna miss them, especially Linlin, Linlin was one of my top fav’s 😦 ,, but thats okay,,, alright were gonna continue :’D

S/mileage looks extremely happy while singing their song 🙂 which is cute, they are so cute :3

Mano’s songs always have a great tune, but her voice,,, -__-” … its to ..  .. i dont know how to explain it but her voice never suits her tune… but i’m fond of her, so its all right.. 🙂

C-ute’s Dance de Bakoon :D, best song ever! 2010 anyway 😀 .. holy, the guys must be happy about that part of the dance .. -_-” …  Nakky sounds less annoying live,, 😀 & Chisato is just awesome, the rest are the same,, pretty much..

look at Maasa :D,, so pretty, Maji Bomber … isn’t the best song this year or best dance shot but somehow got a higher rank then Dance de Bakoon -_-” …. mann… anyway, they seem really happy too ,, but their outfits they’re better then the PV’s ;P Risako sounds amazing as usually ,,they’re so cute

Morning Musume is so cute, Linlin is so bouncy :D, Ai-chan is so pretty 😀

Sayu fits this group so well, while junjun and risako look odd, also risako looks fat, -__-” but that’s mean to say, so i’ll say she looks a bit more chubbier then the other girls .. 🙂 ?

i swear the guys most love this concert.. -_-

Momo copy’s the boob to butt move then wiggles to Maasa, and mostly everyone notices

Eri and Chisato point and laugh while Nakky just laughs.. 🙂

I swear these outfits are really cute or really bad,, Reina looks the same, while Saki & Yuuka look really cute, … Ai and Maimi are wearing some questionable  clothes.

Nakky looks really bored while everyone dances along

okay nvm, there she goes 😀

I’m glad S/mileage’s outfits look cute and normal :D,…     .. holy, look at Kanon, no wonder she’s in Mini Moni

Saki has the cutest & sweetest smile 🙂 ..

Chu! Chu! Chu Chu Chu Samaa Paa~ti ❤ sooo cute,

awwhh, look at them, singing their first indie song, they’re cho cho cute <3<3 🙂

another awhh ,,, look whose standing and dancing next to each other 😀 Captain and Junjun ❤

Manono, i mean Mano is singing Momoiro Katamoi by Ayaya which is cute, and luckily her outfit is cute too :D, haray! clear for mano .

Mano’s voice sounded really mature in this performance, and in this picture you see a blur of the other members

Egg with bow : *sign* I wish i got to sing

Sayaka? :   :I ..

Miyabi : Mom, can you come pick me up now? I’m done

Saki : oh yeah, i am so better then her..

Eri, Yuuka & Saki seem bored..

omg, they released a nutcase with C-ute,, oh that’s just Mai -___-“… so you got a fine emotion Maimi, a Clown Airi, a Jail prisoner Mai, a Super Cuuuute Chisato ❤ and a button Saki -___-” …

Mai: Well, hello there clown Airi, ^.^

Airi: Hello nut case Mai ^0^

Maimi : Shut up, i’m talking!

Mai & Airi : haaaiii… 😦


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